The Passive income with your Crypto – Earn Interest

Today banks barely pay any interest when you keep money in your account and even charge you fees to keep your bank account open. This is no longer the case as you can earn high interests on your crypto assets and generate wealth with alternative solutions.

ProPublica article revealed U.S. billionaires pay little to no tax. Yet it’s not because of tax loopholes as much as it is their ability to leverage their extraordinary wealth. Borrowing against their assets to pay for expenses, and more importantly to reinvest in assets that return more than the cost of borrowing, is how ultra-wealthy individuals run their lives—and increase their net worth.

Adopting a Billionaire Mindset with Borrowing

This article will guide you through some of the ways to buy crypto and avenues to earn a passive income. Get ahead and start earning various streams of income from your assets right from your home. Crypto yields appeal to many participants who want to negate the low—even negative—interest rates offered in traditional savings accounts while being able to borrow against your assets.

Passive Income

Gain Financial freedom today and earn income with crypto while you sleep

Trade Crypto

A list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges to trade your favourite crypto with the lowest fees around

Earn Interest

Earn the highest yield on your cryptocurrency from some of the most secure CeFi platforms in the market while being able to borrow against your assets.

The Rimo Bitcoin Yield Calculator

The Bitcoin Yield Calculator enables you to see how much Bitcoin you can accumulate through lending. The calculator includes a range of trusted high yield platforms with varied rates. It shows you how much Bitcoin you can earn through interest each month and over the course of a year. 

You can keep track of your Bitcoin holdings easily.  Generating yield through interest earn platforms is a great way to accumulate more Bitcoin. The term ‘stacking sats’ comes into play here. What you are doing is stacking more Satoshi’s (accumulating more BTC) by simply HODLing your crypto in yield generating platforms. allows you to earn high flexible, weekly and fixed term interest payments on a wide range of crypto assets. Buy crypto for as low as US $1 on the app. also has a dedicated Exchange and many trading pairs.

Get your hands on a Metal Crypto Visa Card (up to 8% Cashback, Free Netflix, Free Spotify & more), Crypto-backed loans, Exchange, Pay, Credit & DeFi. 

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Minimum Stake – Ruby Card or above (T&C)

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Nexo is the world’s most trusted licensed and regulated digital assets institution in the digital finance industry since 2018. Available across 200+ jurisdictions with 2M+ customers, the Nexo account is the perfect crypto service for any user.

Nexo product offering:

Borrow — Add crypto to your account and instantly borrow cash without selling your assets using Nexo’s flexible credit lines. Available in 40+ fiat currencies across over 200 jurisdictions.

Earn — Get up to 12% interest on your idle crypto and fiat with Nexo’s Earn on Crypto & Fiat suite.

Spend — Try the first-ever crypto card that lets you spend without selling your crypto and get instant cashback of up to 2%.

Exchange — Buy, sell, and convert all supported crypto & fiat assets

Token — The NEXO Token brings you premium yields for Nexo’s Earn suite, discounts on credit line interest and much more.

Security — Nexo accounts are fully insured and secured to the highest industry standards.

The platform can be accessed on iOS & Android devices and also via web app to make access easy for everyone. 

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Minimum Deposit – $100 or more (T&C)

You will receive $10 (Bitcoin / BTC)


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