Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Tokenization (STO)
Private Placements (DeFi)
Pooled investment (Hedge Fund)
Tax optimization
Rimo Digital is an Advisory firm dedicated to the blockchain technology and crypto market to share our expertise in this digital world; for individuals and companies seeking to be part of this future and develop solutions for the Web3. Ranging from traditional to disruptive with cutting-edge tokenization and digital securities solutions we deliver the best of the old and the new.

From established companies to Startups, our clients seek growth funding but actually struggle with the lengthy fundraising process, efficiently connecting with investors, and getting the right valuation for their company.
On the other topic of Real estate projects, they are attractive investments for investors, but are characterized by low liquidity or fund lockups, putting off some investors.

Clients tap Rimo Digital to solve or avoid problems associated with securities markets, decreasing the distractions and complexities that accompany tapping capital markets. Rimo helps these firms devise workable solutions which increase transparency and investor satisfaction, streamline workflows, improve liquidity and/or remove frictions.

We offer advisory and project management services to build your turnkey project for:
– Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
– Initial DEX Offering (IDO)
– Tokenization (STO)
– Token Strategy & Structuring
– Private Placements (DeFi)
– Pooled investment (Hedge Fund)
– Sales & Marketing optimisation

We can give your company a sales boost! We also set up and lead complete sales organisations for rapid growth of your revenue. RIMO can help you with the following topics;

  • Building a strategy
  • Market knowledge
  • Marketing expertise
  • Sales and Business acumen
  • International exposure
  • Partnership leverage
  • Building a solid team of experts

We asked RIMO for a complete new structure, rebranding, sales and launching of our ICO project

M. Stanescu, Digital Sports Manager

RIMO Digital set up our sales and marketing team. Now we are successfully growing with double digits

Dan, Morpheus Network

If you represent a private company or fund, please reach out to discuss how Rimo Digital can help you prepare for your next securities offering, structure a deal to help you connect with investors, tokenize your cap table, and enable secondary market trading to engage employees and attract investors.

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Pre Sales Manager Blockchain Specialist Compliance officer

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