How to raise funds in Web3

Despite the bearish crypto markets in 2022, web3 brands have managed to raise over $30.3 billion in only the first half of the year. Experienced investors are looking to pour more funds into promising startups in the coming year, with reasons for this action captured in quotes suggesting “the bear market is the best time to buildContinue reading “How to raise funds in Web3”

Token Marketing: Steps You Must Take to Achieve Success

What is token marketing? Token-sale marketing refers to the activities crypto projects undertake to create awareness about their token sales or crypto token offerings. Crypto token marketing is a commonly used tool by crypto companies to drive interest in their projects, allow people to engage with their brand, and, eventually, invest in their tokens. The mainContinue reading “Token Marketing: Steps You Must Take to Achieve Success”

3 Steps to Transition your Web2 brand to Web3

If Web3 is growing this fast, it means something to any Web2 brand. This next level of the web brings transformation, evolutions of uses and above all questioning.

17 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

One of the best ways to stay updated is to listen to cryptocurrency podcasts. But with so many crypto podcasts vying for your attention, it can be a frustrating task to single out the ones worth listening to.

10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Cryptocurrency and blockchain may have gone mainstream in recent years, but there’s still a lot to unpack and learn about this emerging technology. Crypto YouTube channels are the best places to learn about cryptocurrency basics, fundamentals, and advanced crypto trading techniques. But there’s a caveat! Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant once said, “Bitcoin is a toolContinue reading “10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels”