The cutting-edge Power House, Accelerator, and Venture Platform all under one place

RIMO DIGITAL is the cutting-edge Power House, Accelerator, and Venture Platform all under one place dedicated to the most ambitious players in the Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, NFTs & Metaverse ecosystem.
With lateral thinking and radical creativity, we create new strategic paths and connections to help our clients solve their biggest challenges and provide them with the necessary rocket fuel to build a project and grow it to success.

Our clients

Morpheus Network

We partner with the leading providers in the Supply Chain ecosystem to give Fortune 500 solutions on their end-to-end process. With the help of Morpheus Network we tackle Supply Chain issues based on a tools built at our client needs. Using the blockchain for all the advantages it offers.


Oyabun is a Web3 mobile app that combines gaming and social elements, immersing players in a thrilling manga cyber-yakuza universe. Players take on the role of cyber-yakuza, training and upgrading their characters to become stronger and challenging others in battles to prove their dominance.


They are building Web3 Games and Gaming Multi-Metaverse. Using Technology for the interconnection of Metaverses with AAA Video Games in a virtual network that facilitates the connection between the NFT gaming experience and the blockchain economy.


Stronger is a fitness software company. Our mission is to change millions of lifes by giving access to everyone who wants to reach his full potential in fitness and get rewarded.


Imagine that you could own your own football club. That is what DSM offers to Sports fans. They will be able to crowd-manage their favorite teams and leagues with voting rights.

Animal Concerts

Animal Concerts streams interactive metaverse concerts, enabling established and emerging artists to deliver amazing next-generation fan experiences.

The Future

We are working on our own token along with staking pool and launchpads to open our project to individuals looking for a new way to enter early-stage projects and contribute to their success.

With our Rimo Digital Coin, we want to support the fast growth of our company and take our partners and clients to the next level. We want to raise funds to enable the acceleration of these startups, and invest in talents while developing the community efforts to become the leader in Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Crypto platforms. With this funding, we have the ambition to build a Pooled Venture Capital combined with an Incubator that will help young entrepreneurs to innovate and start projects for our future and build internal projects that could be seeded within our own company using the existing network of partnerships and talents.

Our Partners

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