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Learn with RIMO Academy and Moralis Academy: we offer blockchain training and certifications to start your journey in the blockchain ecosystem and crypto space

Start your journey by reading these Free E-Books and visiting our Youtube channel:

  • How to Bitcoin
  • How to Defi – Beginner
  • How to DeFi – Advanced
  • How to Nft

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1. ‘Blockchain for beginners’

3-mins video

You can also become a Blockchain Certified Expert in 6 Months to Get the Jobs In-Demand. You don’t need to be an IT guru to learn how! No prior coding experience required, we’ll educate you on the most important stuff!

To learn How To Become a Highly-Paid Blockchain Expert, Developer, or Programmer in just Months, join the free webinar organized by our partner Moralis Academy presented by Ivan.

Rimo Digital has Already Helped Countless Number of People and Companies Around The World to enter the Blockchain and Web 3.0 Ecosystem – Are You Next?

2. Crash course ‘How to invest in cryptocurrencies’

Before we launch our next course on ‘How to invest in cryptocurrencies’ we are pleased to share free E-books to support your learning of the ecosystem knowledge. They are kindly offered to you by our partner CoinGecko, the most comprehensive and powerful tool for you to get updated on all things crypto!

  • How to Bitcoin
  • How to Defi – Beginner
  • How to DeFi – Advanced
  • How to NFT

We would also be pleased to help you with any Blockchain, Web 3.0 project you are planning to launch, check our Advisory page for further details.

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