The new coin that will help start-ups grow faster. Find out more in our whitepaper.

We are working on launching our own token to support the fast growth of our company and take our partner and clients to the next level.

We want to raise funds to enable the faster growth of the company, invest in talents while developing the marketing efforts of our partnerships to make RIMO DIGITAL become the leader in the Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Crypto Advisory space. With this funding we have the ambition to build a Venture Capital combined with an Incubator that will help young entrepreneurs to innovate and start projects for our future and build internal projects that could be seeded within our own company using the existing network of partnerships and talents.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to be part of the change, you will find all the information about Rimo Digital and our Client Portfolio below:

The Rimo Digital Coin whitepaper covers the purpose of the token, the Roadmap, the Tokenomics, the audit trail and the founders’ vision for this project. Keep in mind it is still work in progress.

Soon the token will ne available through a first round of Pre-sales exclusively to the community and a selected few investors of our personal network.

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Pre Sales Manager Blockchain Specialist Compliance officer

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